Blue Wing Playtest Now Available For Backers

A game of romance and resistance

The first playtest edition of Blue Wing, my sci-fi tabletop RPG about romance and resistance, is now available for my $5+ backers on Patreon. Although still a first draft, this edition of Blue Wing is fully playable, with 104 pages of rules about space combat and romance.

In Blue Wing, players take on the role of starfighter pilots in the Galactic Resistance, engaged in an uprising against the brutal and oppressive Corporate Star Alliance, which is squeezing the resources out of the known galaxy and occupying worlds with aggressive military garrisons. Outmanned and outgunned, the pilots of Blue Wing must depend on each other in their desperate struggle, relying on their mutual love and friendship to have even a remote chance of victory.

With extreme space battles and mechanics for building up romantic tension, Blue Wing has a little bit of something for everyone.


  • Uses the Heartsurge system, where the relationships the characters have formed directly improve their success in battle.
  • Five different species for pilots to choose from in the playtest version.
  • Eight different backstories including the mystical mind-melting witches, smirking outlaws, regretful defectors, and eager rookies.
  • Like robots? We’ve got robots. Play as a robot pilot, and every pilot gets their own companion KEG, a short robotic backseater to help keep them in one piece.
  • Romance, rivalry, and friendship Relationships with mechanics for building tension and developing intimacy.
  • Tense and aggressive space battle mechanics where the enemy usually have the upper hand but victory is still in reach.
  • Starfighters! Powerful capital ships!
  • At least a few references to mustaches. Because mustaches.
  • You like space smooches? We LOVE space smooches. Get smooching.
  • Exciting edges to customize your pilot as you advance.
  • Five different models of Galactic Resistance starfighters to pilot, each with their own loadouts and performance ratings.

This playtest edition can be downloaded via links on this Patreon post if you are a $5+ backer on Patreon.

Unlike my Project <3 titles, Blue Wing will not be released later as a free title. In a month or two, after playtest-based refinement, several editing passes, and art acquisition, it will likely go through a Kickstarter phase before being made available for purchase. However, all $5+ backers will have access not only to the playtest version, but electronic editions (PDF & EPUB) of the final product.

If you’re not backing me currently, consider doing so now to get Blue Wing today.